Odnosząc się do tego wpisu -…

Odnosząc się do tego wpisu – jesteś amerykańskim inwestorem i słuchasz co ma do powiedzenia szef banku centralnego kraju o całkiem dużej gospodarce w środkowej Europie. Oto co słyszysz:

that’s the way it is in the economy, if it goes up, it goes down, if it goes down, it goes up

but what can you do, you can’t kick a horse, it’s raining, you have to take an umbrella

it’s like stepping in a swamp

we are going to lower interest rates someday there

I appear before you as a hawk

we will use all possible means, but here is a comma and not a period, although there should be no comma before but

yyyy, what’s the name of those plants that are so tasty, yeah – asparagus

but please remember that these measures we demand are due to us like a kennel for a dog, a bowl for a dog, right, like a bowl for a dog, yes, because dogs should not be kept in a kennel but in a house, like my dogs that sleep on beds or in comfortable places, although they are big wolfdogs, but I also have small mutts

in general, I sometimes have to look in the mirror and realize how Poland has changed, positively

#gielda #ekonomia